Let's Open the Golden Gate Wider (EN)

Hunor Király

About 1000 of the 1600 scholars attending the Budai Városkapu Education Center in Pécs is disadvantageous and living in extreme poverty. The education center is a group of 6 educational institutions: a kindergarden, two primary and two secondary schools.


„The educators of the formerly inhomogeneous schools are not really prepared for the veer; change of attitude and methodology, required by pupil composition changes. Most of the knowledge these teachers gained on their trainings have never incorporated into practice. There is big pressure on them on proceeding with the curricula. This pressure is getting even bigger as the education system gets more and more centralized. This makes it impossible for them to pay attention on the children, their personal needs.“ headmaster Erika Csovcsics writes. She adds: „It is crucial to import every needed pedagogical, methodological and communication element to their toolkit on a practicable way, with instant feedback.“

Last year, the Education Center in partnership with a dozen of grassroot NGOs implemented a mini-project to start the changes. A summer camp was organized, where teachers could get to know their pupils better, and had the possibility to learn innovative methodology from grassroots NGOs. See the introduction of the 2013 project The Golden Gate is Open on our blog.


Goals 2014

Goals this year:

  • Preparing the teachers with hands-on experience.
  • Disadvantaged children can spend part of their vacation in a meaningful way.
  • Parents spend time with their children in school.
  • Parents get assistance in nurturing and developing their children.
  • Decision-makers and opinion-leaders get new impulse instead of stereotypes.
  • A discussion and brain-storming is started in the city of Pécs on different levels, about making local education more democratic and receptive.
  • Civil society organizations and activists work together in real partnerships and share resources.
  • Starting to plan and organize the model of open school.
  • Introducing service learning as a practice.

The name of 2014 mini-project is Let’s Open the Golden Gate Wide. The structure of the project looks like this:


Golden Gate 2014




  • Szama Da Noj! Association, Pécs
  • Faág Association, Pécs
  • Menedék Association, Pécs
  • UCCU Roma Informal Education Foundation, Budapest
  • Élménylelő Youth Association
  • MIOK Foundation for Disatvantaged People
  • B.M. Család, Esélyteremtési És Önkéntes Ház Nevelők Háza Egyesület
  • Szabolcs Fejedelem Hagyományőrző Íjász és Lovasíjász Egyesület
  • Vasasért Egyesület
  • Zöld Híd Alapítvány
  • Retextil Alapítvány
  • Összefogás Mecsekszabolcsért Egyesület
  • Khetanipe Egyesület
  • Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat
  • Presley Ridge Magyarország Alapítvány
  • Igazgyöngy Alapítvány
  • Mihály Építészeti Kar
  • PTE Művészeti Kar
  • PTE BTK Neveléstudományi Tanszék
  • Esztergár Lajos Szociális Központ I. számú Területi Irodája
  • Misina Természet – és Állatvédő Egyesület
  • Tegyünk Egymásért Egyesület
  • Zöld Pók Alapítvány
  • Indit Közalapítvány
See the video coverage about the project last year:


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Viktória Kur

Pictures from UCCU Roma Informal Educational Foundation and H2O's joint project aiming to raise awareness on cultural diversity among 3rd graders in

Resources — Background materials

Wellbeing is one of the most important topics of our project. In this presentation, you can familiarize yourself with the



Call for Proposals Education Grassroots Activism in Hungary


The Open Society Education Support Program is pleased to invite project proposals from Hungarian civil society organizations that aim to work towards community cohesion and a strengthened, more vocal grassroots educational civil society through the involvement of a wide range of education stakeholders.

Project proposals should address one or more of the following themes: discrimination in education and promoting equal opportunities for all; promoting the role of education in increasing well-being and civic participation; playing a mediating role between vulnerable groups and the mainstream society; mobilizing and uniting divided communities around issues of education and social inclusion; and articulating key messages on the above themes to the wider public and policymakers. 

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations registered in Hungary that cumulatively meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • formally registered grassroots organizations with a not-for-profit character and established legal status
  • organizations carrying out work related to formal or non-formal education, social inclusion, or youth work
  • organizations working at the community level and making use of volunteer support



Project proposals should be submitted in English using the provided application form and budget template. The implementation period must not fall outside September 1, 2017–August 31, 2018. The maximum grant size is U.S.$15,000.


For more information and downloadable files (complete guidelines, project proposal form, budget template), please visit the Open Society Foundations website.

Submissions should be made via the Open Society Foundations Grant Portal.


Required Documentation

To complete your submission, you will be asked to upload a completed proposal form, including completed Annex 1 and Annex 2, a filled-in budget template, the organization’s latest annual financial report, and CVs of project manager(s) and the organization’s leadership. Download the complete guidelines, budget template, and grant proposal form from the Download Files section.

The application deadline is June 16, 2017 (5:00 p.m. CET). Incomplete or late applications will not be given consideration.

Successful applicants will be notified by July 11, 2017. Rejection letters will be issued by July 18, 2017.